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Tyres Details

Automation equipment

All equipment use computer to precisely control the production process and production time.

*Excellent tire dynamic balance force, will not shake at high speed, higher safety performance (International standard is 1.2, Ours 0.7, Bridgestone 0.5)
*The weight error of each tire is small, controlled within ± 100g
* Save production costs
* Improve production efficiency& Increase qualified productivity,
* Daily production capacity 8,000 pieces.

Tyres Structure
(1)Raw materials use synthetic rubber,


*At high speeds, the temperature rises slowly, heat is released quickly, and tires are not easy to burst.

(2)Double strand 1260 D2 Cord fabric, 4 * 4 traveller, 8-12 mm depth moulds with drainage line. The tire carcass has a reinforcing layer with 0.9 mm thickness and more stronger 930 double 930 double-strand Cord fabric.

(3)Tubeless tires inside used chlorobutyl rubber,Airtight layer thickness is 0.9mm.




* High safety performance.

*More wear-resistant, larger load, longer life.

*High adhesion power, good longitudinal and lateral grip with road surface.

*Excellent handling performance.

*Excellent draining performance.


Improve 95% gas retention performance than ordinary rubber. Even if the tire is punctured, it still can ride 40 kms.

Tyres Gurantee: 40000KMS. Can be stored for 4 years.